Important UPDATE November 27, 2023 – CAMPUS HAS MOVED

As of November 27th, 2023 this software is no longer active and has been moved to CAMPUS 2.0 at or via CAMPUS 2.0 desktop icon. You can login using your CAMH email and password. Please do not login to this system or complete trainings through this link. You must now access all CAMH trainings at . If you have questions about how to access the system, you can view the resource page on Insite here: Questions or concerns can be forwarded to 


CAMH Land Acknowledgement  

CAMH is situated on lands that have been occupied by First Nations for millennia; lands rich in civilizations with knowledge of medicine, architecture, technology and extensive trade routes throughout the Americas. The site of CAMH appears in colonial records as the council grounds of the Mississaugas of the New Credit. Toronto is now home to a vast diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis who enrich this city. CAMH is committed to reconciliation. We will honour the land through programs and places that reflect and respect its heritage. We will embrace the healing traditions of the Ancestors, and weave them into our caring practices. We will create new relationships and partnerships with First Nations, Inuit and Métis, share the land and protect it for future generations.

Mask Fit Testing:   

With the threat of the Coronavirus and our own respiratory outbreaks, the importance of having an up-to-date mask fit test is increasing by magnitudes:  if you need a mask fit test, the schedule is always available via the PE Portal (accessible through Insite).  To see the latest the Mask Fit Testing schedule, please log on to INSITE and navigate to Staff Handbook -> Health, Safety & Wellness ->My Health-> Health, Safety and Wellness->  Mask Fit Testing schedule.

Automatic Preregistration:

Twenty-four hours after your Campus account is created, you will find you are are preregistered by the Campus system to all your mandatory online training. Please see your My Registrations page (Current Training section) for what you need to do.   For modules which are to be retaken periodically, the system will re-register you ONE MONTH before your current training expires. Please note this applies only to online modules - you will need to use the Training Catalogue to search for, and register to any in-class training you wish to attend, or your manager asks you to attend.


Campus Tips

1.  Accessing Campus
•    Campus can be accessed at
•    If you are working offsite, login to Https:// 
•    If you are within the CAMH network, please use Google Chrome as a browser. or the Campus desktop icon, which should open in Google Chrome. If Campus does not open in Google Chrome when you click your desktop icon, please let Service Desk know your Campus desktop icon needs to be updated.

2.  How to get a Campus account
•    Campus accounts for CAMH employees should be created within two weeks of your first day at CAMH. If, after that time, you have not yet received an email from Campus with your username and password, please contact
•   Physicians and Residents have Campus accounts created by their respective departments.
•    For everyone else (e.g., agency staff, volunteers or students), please contact your manager.

3.  Complete your training 48 hours before it's due to expire.
If you are unable to complete a module 48 hours before it 'expires' you WILL receive one final email notification reminding you to do your training - the system is not agile enough to know you have completed and one more email will go out.  Please just ignore this email if you know you have done the training. 

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